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Eastern colors of the luxury villa interior in Abu Dhabi with a touch of classic style reflect the luxury of a  modern palace. This is a true work of art that will delight more than one generation of the family. The living room design, which is combined with a large dining area, fully expresses the respectability of homeowners, their high status, cordiality and hospitality. Living room interior, like a painting of a great artist, is composed of many strokes. Each fragment of this painting can be admired forever, every corner will give a sense of aesthetic pleasure. Living room design expresses how luxurious and magnificent interiors are; where the spectacular original design solutions are combined with the possibilities of modern technologies. Thanks to the modern technologies of laser cutting stone, we can create beautifully carved floors of natural marble. Exquisite ornaments consist of curls of natural marble, onyx, jade and other precious stones, which are combined in perfect harmony with the lush decor of the walls and ceiling. The main violin in the orchestra of the luxury living room design Dubai is played by the furniture. Luxurious sofas, chairs and armchairs are upholstered in noble silk with embroidery and printed ornaments. Each piece of furniture is inlaid with exquisite carved handmade lace patterns. This lace is covered with gold leaf and perfectly fits with the decor of the walls and ceiling. Magnificent stucco on the ceiling shines particularly great, thanks to the elegant chandelier lighting and additional lines.

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