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Exquisite Living Room Interior

The interior design Dubai Luxury Antonovich Design is a wonderful opportunity for our customers to get really bright and unique interior, which is always comfortable, luxurious and warm. And no matter what the style of the interior is, it remains unchanged in each author's project in perfect harmony, perfection and aesthetic perfection. The living room design in a contemporary style is complemented with ornate accents of art deco. In the living room a nice range of warm shades of beige, chocolate and cream is dominated. These shades are cute diluted with turquoise accents of silk cushions on the sofas. The windows have curtains with noble silk of two hues. Shining surface of precious marbles in bright colors outlined rectangle of brown marble. This combination is present in the windows decoration. Against the background of bright silk brown silk curtains that are picked up by turquoise ribbons, looks bright. Glow of the marble decor enhances the ceiling with an abundance of stylish lighting of author's chandelier with tender curls. Living room interior design is in harmony with the dining area design. These two space are separated with stylish columns and elements of the LED backlight. Elegant and stylish table is surrounded by chairs with graceful forms. Interior design Dubai from Luxury Antonovich Design always features spectacular design techniques and exclusive solutions. Living room interior design always has a pleasant feeling of warmth comfort and absolute comfort.

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