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Cozy Living Room Interior Dubai

Pleasant romantic mood fills a cozy living room interior. Apartment Design Dubai exquisitely combined modern classical style and Art Deco. In the modern interiors there is a trend towards open space. The living room is harmoniously combined with the dining room and kitchen. Living room interior design in this project has an elegant and sophisticated look. Interior Designers Dubai consistently combine in their projects proven tradition and modern technology. This mix, combined with brilliant design ideas, is the basis for striking and expressive images of the interiors in any style. Ceiling in the living room looks effectively and luxurious. The ceiling design emphasizes the depth and a certain extravagance of the interior. It is decorated with a large rectangular niche, which is decorated by a line of shiny decorations and soft lighting. In the center the niche is decorated with round mirror filling and original decorative gaufre. Against this background, magnificent chandelier with crystal pendants and chocolate color shades looks more festive. Cozy and warm mood of the interior is complemented with rich silk velvet curtains of caramel shade. Soft draping folds are formed by grabs, with which the curtains slightly open windows with translucent white tulle. Living room design is decorated in an elegant and concise way. This concept perfectly matches the furniture that is upholstered in velvet and plain cream color. In the best traditions of art deco interior designers Dubai supplemented wall decor with mirror panels.

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