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Modern Living Room Interior Design

Luxury living room interior in Art Deco perfectly reflects the kindness and hospitality of villa owners in Dubai. The living room design also perfectly highlights their good taste and love for everything new. Interior designers Dubai use project receiving symmetry, which multiplies the visual brilliance of luxury interior. In the living room, as if mirrored each other there are two cozy areas with luxurious sofas and coffee tables. Sofas with high backs are upholstered in a noble beige velvet. On this background charming silk and velvet cushions handmade embroidered with metallic threads with rhinestones look bright and stylish. The living room design has a bright and stylish character. In the walls decor designers also use the principle of mirror reflection. Two opposite walls are decorated exactly the same. They are decorated with elegant decorative plaster, marble pilasters and stylish stainless steel frame, which outline boiserie. In the floor decor interior designers Dubai offered marble tiles in cool shades of gray. This coolness is successfully compensated by round natural rugs with exquisite patterns. These curls are repeated in the decoration of the walls. The ceiling design became a uniting point in the living room interior. It is decorated with a large circular niche, which is filled with mirrored panels with white carvings and a waterfall of crystal chandelier in the center. Living room design is complemented by a mini bar of natural marble, which is separated from the living area with nice curtain of white silk.

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