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Bright and Stylish Living Room

Bright emotions that author's interior design expresses, gives a clear and accurate representations of the bright image of the owner. The living room design became the basis of the stunning interior story, from which all the others highlights of the interior begin. As the living room interior is an open space which gives joy of cozy mood not only owner of the apartment, but also her guests, here interior designers Dubai offered a very elegant and festive version of the best traditions of art deco. Light and delicate hall interior and kitchen interior continue bright and passionate living room. It is dominated by silver and purple shades, which look even brighter and juicier, thanks to accents of black and brown. The festive mood of the interior in the style of Art Deco begins with the ceiling design. Two luxurious crystal chandeliers with decorative feathers are surrounded by lines of lights and mirrored panels with facet. Upholstered furniture in soft velvet in muted purple hues. Elegant decor items, as rhinestones, embroidery and shallow marks complement the look of the furniture with a special charm. This shimmering luster and very bright accent became cabinet furniture with glossy black facades. The floor is made of wood of valuable species, which is covered with deep lacquered, complemented with luxurious fluffy carpets. Living room design embodies the dreams and wishes of the owner of the apartment. Luxurious fireplace adds a cozy and warm mood of the interior. Luxury with a bright and stylish character for a bright and stylish hostess.

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