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Modern Living Rooms Design

The most expensive apartments are certainly can be called a true oasis for a luxurious life in the city.Luxury interiors of houses and apartments from the studio Luxury Antonovich Design - is the creation of an ideal environment for their owners.For this elegant residence, we proposed a modernist style. It is this style reflected the most, a dynamic and modern character of the apartment owners.This is a young family that loves to travel and in their home, they would like to get exclusive version.An interior that would not be repeated anywhere else in the world.And interior designers Antonovich Design studio perfectly coped with this task. The luxury living room has a very bright and we would even say, a passionate character. It was a passion for life, passion for favorite business has allowed the owner of an elite real estate to achieve a great success in life. Therefore, by so luxurious and bright interior, designers decided to reflect the lifestyle of customers. living room design in a modern style filled with many bright and elite elements of the decor. Modern home projects are closely linked with the latest technologies. Thanks to new methods of processing materials, you can create incredibly beautiful wall decor options.In this room, the walls are decorated with precious marble and elegant decor panels with gilding. Photos of the hall design in the apartment, realistic realization of which allows at an early stage to see in detail their future home. Repair of home can also be the beginning of a completely new interior design story. Bright accent in the interior become modernist luxurious silk curtains ruby hue.

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