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Modern living room Interior Design

Interior design living room is always a central part of the work on a house project. This room should fully express the character of the owners, their status, and hospitality. And in modern interiors became the rule to combine living and dining space. In this design harmoniously combined modern style and Art Deco. In general, the interior makes a very good impression with its cozy and gentle mood. The mood primarily based on a warm palette of pastel shades. In the interior of the living room is dominated by beige, coffee, and milky shades. One of the advantages of interior design became large panoramic windows. Thus, a sufficient amount of sunlight enters the room. Curtained windows in a modern style. This translucent tulle milky and straight folds of curtains of silk shade coffee with milk. Ceiling Decor has become more elegant accent the interior. Interior designers zoning space using of deep niches. Niche delineated by lines of gilding. And at the center of each niche, the interior is decorated with the elegant chandelier in the style of Art Deco. Charming warm and cozy mood provides a marble fireplace. The floor is decorated with natural wood decor with flourishes carved patterns. In the seating area for the comfort provided a soft carpet. In the dining area, the oval table with light marble top is surrounded by high upholstered chairs upholstered in velvet.

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