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Luxury Modern Living Room

Modern is something new, stylish, and peak of contemporaneity. This is a manifestation of the trendiest ideas. An architectural and design studio Luxury Antonovich Design creates the most original and unique design projects that not only look good to the eyes, but also is the business card of the house owners.
Lightness and grace reigns in this elegant house. A luxury chandelier with unusual shapes and smooth lines catches the rapturous glances on the connoisseurs. The spot lighting on the ceiling increases the space visually and emphasizes each line. The furniture is made from natural materials. The furniture upholstery plays an important role. It meets all operating and aesthetic characteristics and requirements. The color of the fabric goes with the interior premises harmonically. Stylish chairs talk about the lifestyle of homeowners. The elegant, expensive curtains adorn the space, as well as are its semantic center. Stylish and respectable curtains show the artistic level of the respective owners, working on their image and arouse admiration guests. 
Floor marble covering highlights the material prosperity of the hosts. However, not only ... You cannot confused the appearance of marble with any other material.  The floor with the natural stone is durable and strong. The floor covering makes the impression about your home. Therefore, we have created the magnificent marble floor tiles, which fascinate and delight.
The soft and comfortable sofas can transform a room, emphasize every detail.
Beautiful, with graceful forms and noble color sofas are able to determine the comfort and coziness of your home. The design studio Luxury Antonovich Design creates the most modern and creative projects. Each interior bears no resemblance to the next. We do not duplicate our projects. We create the original masterpieces! 


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