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Living Room Design in Moroccan Style

living room decorating ideas in this project reflects a new vision of the Moroccan style in the interior.Eastern Romantic are closely intertwined with the modern trends. The Luxury Antonovich Design studio always offers customers a harmonious continuation of their dreams in the interior. small living room design requires a special approach to the space organization. Everything to be cozy, comfortable and ergonomic.The main accent of the oriental style in the interior is the wall decor and the ceiling decor. Oriental ornaments covers the interior, filling it with beautiful oriental flavor.Also in this style, interior decorated with the elegant forged chandelier. living room curtains in the interior characterized by subdued style. Direct folds curtains of precious silk decorated the large windows. Soft sofas and chairs upholstered in a milky white monochromatic fabric. On this background, silk cushions embroidered in oriental style have a very bright and juicy look.The floor of light marble decorates the bright carpet in the kitchen, living room. In the interior much more decorative elements, which serve as a way of expression and originality. This is the original carved stone, luxury lamps, and other charming details.The dining room area harmoniously continues the living room area. That is decorated in the same style. To visually divide the space of the interior designers use the hinged partition made of wood with carvings.

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