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Living Room Design Ideas

The nice first impression of the house creates an interior of the hall. To this part of the work on the project, we approach with particular attention.It is in the first moments of stay in the house adjust to the desired mood and can say a lot about the status of its owner, as well as his understanding of the beautiful.  In this design project, the interior shines with a bright colors beautiful celebration of life. The interior design of the corridor from Luxury Antonovich Design fascinates with its elegant decoration. A big role for creating this effect is played by mirrors. Mirror panels with beautiful decor elements cover the walls almost along the entire perimeter. They reflect and multiply luxurious space with backlighting of carved floors of marble and beautiful chandeliers. The interior of the hall smoothly flows into a cozy living room. Here there is a fascinating game of contrasting colors.Milky-white and chocolate-brown tones set the main tone of mood in the interior of the luxurious living room. The main decoration of the living room become two beautiful decor panels that are mirrored in each other.Three-dimensional 3D panels with illumination. Interior designers improvise with the geometry of space.The pattern on the marble floor exquisitely repeats the outline of the niche on the ceiling.Two large crystal chandeliers with additional ceiling lights fill the interior of the living room with beautiful glare and radiance.  Upholstered furniture perfectly fitted into the interior, thanks to the upholstery made of milk and chocolate shades fabrics. In a relatively small space, the designers of the interior studio Antonovich Design managed to organize comfort with chic and elegant notes.

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