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Interior design service Turkney

Interior design service turnkey is the creation of a light and refined style of your home. Home interior design from the architectural and design company Luxury Antonovich Design creates a tranquil restful atmosphere, which corresponds to a proper rest. Every detail is important in the design of the room. Turnkey interior design firm Luxury Antonovich Design focuses on the light pastel colors in this project. These colors help to create a calm and pacific atmosphere. A luxury sofa with consistent coloring attracts not just attention, but also sets a special tone in the room. The abundance of original pillows emphasizes a grace and aristocratic style. It is always bright accents in your room. The beautiful elegant curtains are the final touch, which emphasizes a feature of the interior. The luxurious "clothes for windows" makes the atmosphere even more harmonious, as well as balances the architectural details. The light curtains make a completed, interesting and original design of the room. A lighting in interior villa design acts as an effective tool for the visual perception of the space. The original lamps take a very important role in the creation of lighting scenarios. Interior design service turnkey, which are performed with particular attention and responsibility by the architectural firm with a worldwide reputation Luxury Antonovich Design, are held at the highest level. We make the wishes of most customers and construction codes. The experts in the field of architecture and design are using the most daring and creative ideas, as well as modern technologies and materials of construction. The results, which the well-known architectural studio Luxury Antonovich Design shows, always meet the expectations.

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