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Superb Landscape Design in UAE


Wonderful Landscape with a touch of Arabian Style

We have always been inspired by the very wonderful Arabian Culture all over the Country. That is why we have continuously brought out all the best developments and solutions to provide our Clients in the Country. With the advanced Architectural Design Technology, Luxury Antonovich Design has been able to bring out the modern artistic design and still maintaining consideration with Arabian Style Architecture. One of the best things to consider in designing a Landscape in the United Arab Emirates is the very nice season which is the dessert feel summer and a cold breeze of Winter time. So every Designer can freely decorate the landscape areas in a very stylish way using special features and outdoor furniture’s.

The composition of a Fabulous Landscape Design

This Landscape design was indeed exceptional when it comes to the selected Outdoor materials and furniture’s that we have designated. Since that this project has a very spacious Landscape area, Our Architects and designers has been creatively inspired to install special outdoor features to complete the area. A covered relaxing sitting area has been arranging with a very comfortable sofa set, concrete roof and a very stylish sliding glass door. At the centre is a stylish round table with a manmade fire decoration on the centre. Beside it is an outdoor grilling, cooking area, where that family can enjoy the perfect bonding with friends and visitors. We have also set up a native style round tables and chairs along with it. A man-made fire jar has been decorated in the area with the use of local natural plants to balance a very relaxing mood of the Landscape area. On the other side of this Landscape area is an outdoor Majlis type sitting area. It was really spacious and relaxing as we have put up a very nice man made a waterfall from the wall. It has been decorated with a combination of greenish plants with wonderful white flowers. A customized Native Hammock has been displayed at the corner of this outdoor sitting area with colourful pillows. And for the young members of the family, they can be able to have fun and do the playful activities as we have put up a colourful playground inside this Landscape area. We have extended the superb design up to the boundary walls as we made up very nice carvings on it. We have completed the entire landscape design with decorative greenish and colourful plants on the entire area.

It has been always such a great privilege for the Entire Team to provide all the absolute creations and developments towards every successful Design for the Landscape most especially in our Projects in UAE, as we have the best admiration for an Arabian Culture Design and combining it with stylish and Luxurious architectural design.

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