Landscape by Design Studio Luxury Antonovich Design is a great art which combines the best traditions of magnificent palaces of France, Italy with new ingenious solution of designers. Villa design Dubai corresponds to the fashion trends, which tend to finery and magnificence. These trends in a miraculous way affect in the project motifs of landscape design. Most of the surrounding area around the villa became the stunning frame. Landscape design gives aesthetic pleasure and positive emotions during stay outside the villa. Correct organization of space includes the development plan of the territory in view of all the paths, bridges, additional terraces and playgrounds. Perfectly matched greenery is complemented by modern street lamps. The expressiveness of the integrity of the project is added with a large fountain in the middle of the yard with exquisite sculptural composition in the classical style. Landscape design complements the cozy and romantic mood. Along with evergreens flowery plants coexist, which are selected in such a way that the wonderful pictures of the landscape looks bright in different period of time.

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