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Landscaping Design in Africa

Luxury Antonovich Design Studio provides landscape design services around the world. This project was designed for a villa in Kenya. Each landscape design project takes into account climatic conditions, a style of an exterior of a building and customers' wishes.

In this project, the area around the house can be compared with a cozy oasis. The abundance of greenery, various ponds and competent space layout will give an absolute comfort. For this landscape design project in Kenya, the authors proposed a landscape style. Many paths that are hidden in the greenery, ponds surround the luxury villa.

An important role in this project is also played by small architectural forms. They are gazebos and a shed over a parking place. All small architectural forms are also in the classic style as well as the exterior of the building. To make the stay in the territory around the house as comfortable as possible we added street lighting elements in the landscape design.

The lighting systems in the landscape design are practical as well as a way to make the landscape even more impressive. With the help of lighting accents, the landscape designers affect the visual perception of the project.

The ponds have a practical function as well as a large swimming pool with elegant contours. And a stream around the territory has a decorative function. It is beautifully decorated by garden bridges. Thus, at any time of a year, in any weather, the area around the house gives a sense of aesthetic pleasure and comfort.


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