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Luxury Kitchen Design

Luxury Interior Design Dubai, which studio Luxury Antonovich Design offers its customers, is the realization of the most cherished dreams about perfect, luxurious, cozy and comfortable house. This villa project in Abu Dhabi differs with incredibly cozy character. And the kitchen design sets the basis for a cozy mood in the house. Interior Designers Abu Dhabi perfectly organized space and harmoniously combined dining area and kitchen. The highlight of the interior was the original center, which can both act as a fireplace, and serve for cooking. Authors villa interior design Abu Dhabi underscores the fact that the house always welcomes guests and offers them the best. In the spacious dining room a big table is surrounded with high soft chairs with noble backs, which are upholstered in soft creamy velvet. The whole look of the interior sets on a serenely beautiful time, when you can enjoy, eating delicious meals. Even more comfortable and expressive interior is made with the window decoration. Curtains made of milky silk draped in soft folds and supplemented with bright touches of silk shade of milk chocolate. Kitchen design is very cozy, charming, elegant and comfortable. Laconic floor and ceiling design highlights the rest of the fine details of the interior.

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