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Functional and Comfortable Kitchen

Authors interior design from studio Luxury Antonovich Design is an art, which combines the tradition, new technology and ingenious design solutions. Kitchen interior design can be taken as a separate piece of art. To all said above a necessary moment as the functionality and ergonomics must be added as well. In the kitchen interior design in a modern style the designers have offered to add a beautiful and luxurious painting with light ornate Art Deco accents. Apartment Interior design in Dubai is fully consistent with the wishes of the owners of the apartment. They wanted a comfortable interior with a slight touch of modesty and laconism. At the same time the interior should emphasize respectability and high status. To create a feeling of absolute comfort the designers combined kitchen and dining room into one. The interior is full of spectacular designs. Kitchen furniture is built into niches that are finished with decorative plaster with marble texture. Every niche is decorated with a strip of mosaic tiles. This method makes the white facades of kitchen furniture even more vivid and expressive. The ceiling design looks elegant and stylish, thanks to the author's luxurious chandeliers. Black marble on the floor wonderfully contrasts with the white furniture, making the interior very bright and luxurious.

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