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Kitchen Interior in Neoclassical

The luxury kitchen in its magnificence is not inferior to the living room and dining area. Interior designers evenly distributed charm of modern classics, with all its charms. These are traditional decorative elements, and completely unique original solutions. House Design Dubai is filled with tender and romantic accents. Easy festive mood, which is inherent in the kitchen interior is based on light and warm colors, as well as an abundance of light. During the day, sunlight penetrates through the windows, which are decorated with curtains of purple velvet. At dusk sunlight is successfully replaced with a great niche in the ceiling illuminated through the lace of exquisite gold ornaments. These patterns resonate with charmingly decorated furniture facades. The interior design Dubai Luxury Antonovich Design gives always exclusive solutions for beauty and absolute comfort. This unique design project of cozy kitchen is combined with a dining area. Open space is visually separated with the ceiling decorations. The dining area is dominated with a certain solemnity and pomp. The high ceilings are decorated with plaster of velvet texture, stucco decoration and illumination lines. As in the kitchen interior, the center of the space is defined with luxury chandelier in classical style. Kitchen interior design, as well as other spaces became the pride of the home owners.

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