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Elegant Kitchen Interior

Kitchen interior design is with a very bright and romantic nature of this project, which the authors offered in the apartment in Abu Dhabi. Often the kitchen interior design is intended to highlight a bright living room and dining room. The same project was the kitchen interior with bright and elegant accent, which plays a major role in the interior of the luxury apartment. Apartment design in Abu Dhabi combines Art Deco style trends and classics. Interior designers perfectly organized space, taking advantage of the architectural plan. The interior has a very bright and sophisticated charm. Kitchen Facades of milky color are inlaid with carved decor and charming elements accessories. Milk color, bright and stylish facades contrast with the working surfaces of precious marble in shades of lilac. The highlight of this part of the interior became high chairs with lace metal backs. Luxury kitchen area looks charmingly surrounded by chic interior of the living room and dining room. Purple tabletop decoration play with windows that are elegantly draped with curtains of precious silk of lilac shade. The dining space is decorated with carved patterns on the surface of the marble floors. The kitchen island itself is delineated with lines of dark marble. This exquisite detail of the interior design makes the kitchen more expressive and stylish.

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