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Kitchen Design in Classic Style

House Design in Abu Dhabi in the classical style. Luxury with a solemn character inherent in each room of the beautiful villa. Interior Designers of studio Luxury Antonovich Design masterfully blended into their project great traditions of classical style with new accents that are possible through the use of new technologies. The spacious apartment combines a large area of ​​the dining room and kitchen. Kitchen interior design now requires not just creative ideas, but talent of the designer. Today, the interior designer must have additional technical knowledge. Interior Designers Dubai closely monitor all new items to offer their customers the best solutions for absolute comfort. Kitchen interior design impresses with its elegant and luxurious features. The authors of the project decided to zone space by a decoration of floors and ceilings. The ceiling is divided into two niches, each of which is filled with decorative plaster with the texture of velvet. Due to massive crystal chandeliers and soft lighting lines, plaster shimmers pearlescent under the light. On the floor the dining area and kitchen area are determined with exquisite carvings of dark marble. The facades of kitchen furniture made of wood valuable species are inlaid with carved decor and complemented by luxury fittings. The dining room makes it clear that the house is welcome and hospitable.

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