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What should be the modern kitchen? Practical, multi-functional, ergonomic, adapted for active use and with a bright personality.

The main trends of interior fashion in recent years are simplicity and brevity, which are particularly relevant in the design of kitchens. Beautiful kitchen with a comfortable layout and original decor - the dream of any hostess.

The design of the kitchen-dining room involves a careful approach to the issues of zoning and dividing the space into functional areas. In this Luxury Antonovich Design article we will talk about ergonomic planning solutions and current decorating techniques that allow to create a stylish kitchen interior, while retaining the necessary functionality.

The main secret of creating a harmonious space in the kitchen is a well-thought-out layout, which allows you to make the most efficient use of the living space and realize all the necessary functions in the interior. When choosing a layout Luxury Antonovich Design took into account not only the size, but also the configuration, lighting and architectural features of the room.


Tastefully chosen color solution is one of the main conditions for creating a harmonious interior by Luxury Antonovich Design. To make the kitchen in modern style look respectable, we preferred simple color schemes. As part of the beige-brown monochrome, these are creamy, sandy, chocolate, coffee and cream shades.

Kitchen in modern style with strict facades of cream and coffee colors is a model of practicality and style. There is nothing superfluous in it, and the main decoration of the interior is mirrored panels from faceted tiles and the author's crystral chandelier over the kitchen island and dining zone. These cascade-type pair crystal chandeliers attract even more attention to it.

In modern interiors by Luxury Antonovich Design our designers often use marble in the form of table tops, aprons, and wall and floor finishes. This material is practical, durable, organically combined with minimalist furniture and performs a decorative function in the interior of the kitchen.

The dining group, consisting of a large rectangular table with a dark stone worktop and chocolate-colored soft chairs with dark legs, is a color accent in the interior of the light kitchen in a modern style. 

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