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In fast rising Demand for Architecture and Design Industry, Luxury Antonovich Design has been extending the capacity of work towards Residential, Commercial and even Industrial world international. It was such a great news that Luxury Antonovich design is competitively expanding the business International, so aside from the Head Office/ Showroom in Dubai, We have now an office in USA, Florida and soon to rise in California and Shanghai China. Extending the business and capacity to work leaves us a very challenging yet more inspirational job to work on. Doing an Industrial project such as Corporation buildings and factories requires a very systematic planning, organizing and development for the Entire Project. The full attention and professional techniques of the Architect, Engineer and designer are very well required. 


Step by Step Procedure to conduct a successful Architectural and Design for the Factory 

First and foremost, The Team needs to see and study the draft plan of the factory. It takes several meeting and discussion with the owner of the project to be able analyses and know all the points, guidelines and requirement of the client. Knowing the actual sizes and dimensions of the full area of the factory is very important. It is also necessary to study the environment of the area. The Elevation of the structure should be symmetrical and has a good balance throughout the full area. Factory structures basically have huge land area requirement proper ventilation and drainage system. From the very beginning, we found this factory very feasible as it has the perfect location. It is very far from residential areas and has a very huge land area. Across the huge structure of this factory is a three storey office building which is perpendicularly designed with same dimensions and elevations. We made it sure that there is enough parking space for big trucks and vehicle to occupy for the Factory operation. 


Developing a Factory Architectural Design was indeed a very broad scope of work as it requires multiple times of intellectual study and developments all throughout the work.  It will be consisting of several stages and steps of developments towards to achieve the final successful work. Even the use of the Materials for the creation of a Factory is a lot different from Residential and commercial projects. It has to be the most concrete with the highest and premium quality which is suitable for Factory structure composition. Working out for a Factory Architecture design might be very challenging, however, it will be bringing out all the best accomplishment once everything has been successfully delivered all throughout to the final turnover of the Project.  


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