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Exteriors design Arabic Villa

The design of the house front of the architectural and design company Luxury Antonovich Design combines a modern classics and captivating notes of oriental style. The natural texture and materials, which are processed in different ways, are very important in the creation of exterior design. Glamorous, mysterious, unique style of architecture, landscape design creates a special atmosphere. Visiting this charming home designing, you will transport to the eastern fairy tale and feel the enveloping atmosphere of ease and comfort. There are intricate patterns and carved details in this style of exterior design. The architectural features - mannered shapes, numerous archways, unique columns, magnificent facade stucco. Stone, metal, clay are used as the building and home decoration materials in the exterior villa design. It should be noted that the exterior design of the architectural and design company Luxury Antonovich Design; it is a luxurious, laconic and unique style. Color scheme of the facade is a combination of smooth and deep beige tones. If you look at the facade, the house seems to be light, airy, harmonious asymmetry is visible, volume and capacity. Forged gate with automatic control impress of its view.

The architectural and design studio Luxury Antonovich Design will hold a full range of services and put a facility into service. The cost of the architectural sketch of the project will depend on many parameters: the selected style, local topography, surface and structure of the project. Craftsmen will transform your home in a fabulous space.


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