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Contemporary Exterior design in UAE

Modern architecture increasingly tends to the naturalness and unity with nature. Modern villa, a project that developed a Luxury Antonovich Design Studio designers are featuring a very harmonic and expressive way. With warm colors, natural materials, and outdoor lighting, project authors have made an ideal building plastics. The peculiarity of the project became set of large windows. This makes the building looks more light and airy. Natural stone masonry sets the natural warmth . Multi-gabled roof creates the illusion of flight. The large terrace is provided for relaxation and comfort. The role of the walls terraces performs panoramic windows that can be opened so as to create a feeling of presence in nature. For this purpose conceived and landscaping ideas. Around the house, the area is decorated with green lawns and bushes cropped in the form of spheres of boxwood. To enhance the natural warmth and beauty of the landscape area, Dubai designers, offered elements of vertical gardening fences and walls. All floor coverings adjacent to the building made of natural wood valuable species with special impregnation. It is wonderful moments when you can walk barefoot on the terrace. Also, for the decoration of garden paths and entrance portals was used natural marble and natural gray stone.

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