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The architectural design of an apartment house from the studio Luxury Antonovich Design embodies a luxurious composition in which the structural features of a residential building prevail.The design of the facade of the building is closely interrelated with the improvement of the area around the house. Beautiful landscape design has become an amazing frame for an architectural pearl.The peculiarity of this exterior was the magnificent decoration of the facade. Typical oriental ornaments cover almost the whole surface of the facade. And all the ideas for landscape design have become a harmonious continuation of the architectural concept of the elite house. The most expensive houses in the world today represent a combination of traditions and new technologies.New materials allow to give exteriors a particularly luxurious appearance, and new lighting technologies, smart home system and creative solutions of designers and architects underlie unique beauty projects.If we talk about this building, then its image is very solemn and aristocratic. The main portal to the building is decorated with graceful columns with stucco capitals.Traditional cornices, porticos, decorative vases and a multidimensional roof reflect the versatility of this project. In this work, we have applied an integrated approach. When the luxurious interior harmoniously continues the landscape design of the house. And behind the beautiful facade is hidden no less luxurious interior. When designing elite houses, we necessarily take into account the features of the architectural composition and the landscape scenery that will surround the future house. Moreover, architects and landscape designers strive to create the pearl of this composition, which will be the most beautiful in this environment and, at the same time, it will be quite harmoniously looking exactly in such a space.

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