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Best Exterior design UAE

Modern rich exterior design

Stylish exterior design

The luxury of this exterior design lies in the harmony of style. The house, the stone pavilion and other architectural structures are completed in neoclassical style. This style conquers hearts with an excellent combination of simplicity and elegance. Modern elements near swimming pool and summer pavilion attract attention and make the exterior design more cozy and warm.

Magnificent architectural design

The main constructions of this exterior design are a house, a stone pavilion, a summer pavilion, a swimming pool, a parking lot and green areas. The stone pavilion is a wonderful and comfortable place to relax. Homeowners and guests can sit on the couch and admire the beauty of the hearth. The construction of the hearth is amazing. It is like an indoor flower with fire inside. Plants in stone pots and a stylish chandelier create an atmosphere of hospitality.

Roman elements are widely used in external design. Columns and door cornices adorn the house. The decoration of the fence includes pediments, columns, and reliefs of vases with flowers. Interesting details of the exterior design are the ornament on the ceiling of the parking place and classical vases that are used as pots.

Modern elements of external design

Summer pavilion and swimming pool with modern elements stand out. The roof of the pavilion and the recreation area near the pool are made of wood. Wonderful details of the design of the summer pavilion are a fireplace and a hanging chair. A fresh idea of pool design is the unusual position of the sofa. It is very close to the water, so it looks modern and interesting.

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