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Villas Interior design

The design of the house from the studio Luxury Antonovich Design embodies a bright combination of modern style and art deco. The interior turned out very refined with its own unique character. The interior design of the house includes many-sided solutions. Each room has a bright image while remaining a harmonious part of the overall space. The design of the house inside is filled with warmth and freshness. This is promoted by the prevailing gamma of pastel shades. Order the interior design of the house, the owners of elite real estate decided in the Antonovich Design studio by the recommendation of friends.Their main desire was the exclusivity and elitism of the interior. Thus, the owners of the house wanted to emphasize their status and at the same time to obtain the perfect cozy nest.Modern interior design of the house is directly connected with new technologies. And behind the external beauty and sophistication of the interior, many technological moments are concealed, which are united into a single smart house system. The interior design of a residential house includes such mandatory directions as bedroom design, kitchen design, and living room design.Each room is designed taking into account all the wishes of customers, habits, lifestyle, and character. Considering all these moments, interior designers manage to create a truly ideal habitat for many years to come.The design and interior of the house become the moment that reflects the idea of the comfort and beauty of each individual person. To emphasize the welcoming nature, interior designers designed a beautiful dining room in light colors. Design projects houses you can see in the portfolio section on our website. This will help you decide on the choice of style and order a design for the house exactly the one you dreamed about. Realization of dreams, it is the task of talented professionals of the design studio Luxury Antonovich Design.

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