Marble, glass, and natural wood became the main violins in the orchestra of beauty and luxury. Interior of the luxury contemporary house design impresses by its extraordinary design solutions. Modern style has gained very sublime and bright notes in the work of the talented interior designers from the Luxury Antonovich Design Studio.With the help of interior design, authors of the project also advantageously emphasize the original architectural layout of the building.Multilevel ceilings, which as seems, is smoothly flowing from one space to another, have a great charm of natural warmth, lightness, and shine of happiness.This interior has gained a special philosophical sense and reflected the unusual perception of the world by owners of the home.This is a young family that travels a lot and they always try to see and learn something new. In their home, they would like to get their own cozy oasis, which would be unique, unlike any other. This dining room design could be described as a reflection of the future in design. The decor of the walls, project authors are actively using natural marble of gray shades.This cool tone is fully compensated by a sufficient amount of light in the sitting room design. Through the large panoramic windows penetrate the sun's rays during the day. And in the twilight, the interior illuminated by magnificent crystal chandeliers and additional light sources. The highlight of this the design of house was that interior design consultancy services continue luxury landscape design outside the window - inside the new design of house. Stylized waterfalls and green plants fit perfectly in the luxurious interior and have filled it with a unique mood of relaxation.





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