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Villa in Arabian Rancho 2

This modern villa reflects brand-new trends of the villa interior design. This style can be described as a modern classics. And in works of Luxury Antonovich Design, it acquires unique and beautiful features. A living room interior, which is combined with a dining area, has a bright image. The basis of the color range is light and milky-white. On this background, luxurious velvet curtains of eggplant hue look stunning. All furniture is upholstered in soft silk velvet of white color. Sofas and armchairs for emphasis are decorated with inserts of dark silk shade. The main way of zoning the interior space has become a modern villa ceiling decor. Large rectangular niches with decorative geometric patterns define the living and dining area. In the center of each slot, the interior is decorated with an elegant chandelier and additional lighting lines. In the dining area, the modern fireplace is complemented by mirror panels that visually expand the space. The interior design of the modern villa exudes nobility and elegance. On the walls, lamps and paintings look stylish and expressive. The light expanse of marble floor blends with a natural carpet in the living room. All these moments of elegance and sophistication continue in each room. Two comfortable bedrooms have a gentle image. The interior designers have added a few elegant notes in a bathroom and a dressing room.

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