• the exchange tower 501 -floor 5
    Business bay, Dubai
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Villa of Contemporary Style


Luxury Antonovich Design took motivation from their vast choices of interior house designs for this project. Space is a balance of exquisite and comfortable with its coffered roof; floor-to-roof drapery verged on top by white valances and thick furniture pieces. A dim wood foot stool with turned legs sits trying to coordinating couches. Open racking that spans up to the roof add to the climate of stifled extravagance that is epitomized by the whole space. Luxury Antonovich Design settled on gentler quieted shading tones in light of the fact that the family needs to feel in a flash loosened up when they enter their home following a bustling day from work and people, in general, all in all. While essential unquestionable requirements and basic adornments are sufficient to transform a house into a home, remember that you can simply add a little energy to your stylistic theme. Sumptuous seating pieces, fleecy cushions, and beautiful bins can enhance the general look of your space while making it additional agreeable.


Luxury Antonovich Design was sure about how they needed to change the house into the best house design in Nigeria. With a particular outline heading, the test was consolidating every one of the components the property holders needed into a generally colossal space. Luxury Antonovich Design struck an offset by playing with delicate hues, flies of print and designs, and unobtrusive layers of surface. The kitchen, or, in other words, the lounge area by sliding entryways, is a quiet, all-beige live with exquisitely framed cabinetry. Luxury Antonovich Design said the main room is their most loved space as this is the place everybody can unwind and rest. The firm went for hotter nonpartisan tones in their room, making a space that is quite comfortable yet at the same time in accordance with the repressed luxury configuration style of the whole home. The informal lodging end tables that flank it is from their own accumulation. It is a contemporary house with an attention to common sense. There is a harmony among open and private spaces, and also the 'stunning' spaces and the utilitarian regions.


A garden in full blossom can transform any house into something significantly more unique and a luxury classic house design. Green surroundings dependably appear to accentuate the magnificence of the home. More than changing the physical appearance of the place, nature likewise lastingly affects a man's conduct and way of life. A sprawling space can urge one to leave his usual range of familiarity and through the front way to value the blue skies, the cool wind, and the pleasant view.

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