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Luxury Villa Design Pakistan

This luxury villa project in Pakistan from the Luxury Antonovich Design Studio combines the finest traditions of the classical style, which history gave to us. And to that tradition, interior designer have brought something special and unique. This is one of the masterpieces of our interior design firms in Dubai, which has a full right to become part of the history of a beautiful Easten country. We offer in this article in our blog to consider every detail of the beautiful luxury villa design and understand the ideas of interior designers in UAE. It is the classic style of the interior is able to fully reveal the talent of the designer. Also in the classical interiors preferred by those who want to emphasize their high status and sophisticated style.

The main features of the interior of the villa in Pakistan:

  • Clarity of lines and forms the ideal geometry
  • The combination of plain walls with restrained decor
  • Light colors palette
  • Natural wood furniture
  • Large semicircular windows

All these moments represent wonderful canons and rules of classical style. And this grand villa project in Pakistan has included architectural drawings, villa design, and villa exterior design. As a result, a clear interaction of all areas has turned into so beautiful and harmonious image of a modern palace. Architects Pakistan has proposed the luxurious plan of large lobby with grand staircase. Interior designers are perfectly performed this decision and created a beautiful and memorable image of the interior with a respectable character.

This aristocratic design, where we used the decor best materials. Hall, which extends over the entire height of the building, decorated with graceful double staircase. Stair portal joins on the second floor and goes to a small terrace. Stairs of light marble framed by the beautiful forged balustrade. The high ceilings are decorated with snow-white plaster with a pearl shimmer. Magnificent chandelier made of crystal, spotlights, and line soft lighting provide a complete illumination of every corner of the beautiful interior of the villa in Pakistan.

Designers think through every detail. Thus, the doors decorated with forged ornament on the glass. The sun's rays, penetrating the house through this pattern, creating wonderful shadows on the floor, that amazingly transformed into a beautiful pattern carved on a marble floor.

This interior impresses with its grandeur and exquisite beauty.

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