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Interior Viilas in Qatar

Luxury residence in Qatar, designed by the studio Luxury Antonovich Design, embodies palatial splendor of modern luxury. The interior design of the Qatar has consistently underlined the features of this beautiful country, which is the embodiment of the beautiful architecture and the world of luxury. Each project becomes a reflection of the high status of our customers and their willingness and ability to afford the best. Interior Designers Qatar in this project in the tradition of classical style skillfully combined oriental notes and created a unique beauty of the interior of the house. Huge lobby welcomes guests beautifully. Extending to the full height of the building, the hall is from the first moments of your stay in the house makes festive mood. Spectacular design techniques touched every square meter. House design Qatar is unique in ceiling decor solutions.

In the hall domed ceiling is decorated with lace stucco patterns. They surround a massive crystal chandelier that crowns the composition. The magnificent marble staircase with wrought iron balustrade railings and wide looks great on the background of large windows. The interior shines with beauty and grandeur. Qatar interior design combines tradition and innovation. Unique in its beauty floors are оf noble carved marble. The interior reflects the perfect geometry of space. Marble columns with stucco capitals that frame ladder portal look harmoniously. Author's design of the villa project in Qatar is full of bright moments and speaks of openness, kindness and hospitality of the owners of the house.

The spacious dining room is decorated with a large table surrounded by chairs with noble backs. Velvet emerald hue makes the interior bright and expressive. Interior design оf the living room has its own special character. An important role is played by comfortable furniture, which says that in the house family and friends often get together. Luxury sofas are upholstered in a noble velvet оf purple hue. Sofas lean on lace forged base with internal illumination. In such an interior you will always feel wonderful celebration of life surrounded by luxury and comfort.

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