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Modern Villa Design UAE

Original and Exquisite Design

The architectural studio Luxury Antonovich Design completed the design of the luxurious modern villa in the United Arab Emirates. This project was created taking into account the client's wishes and was built with high-quality materials. Spacious and modern. Contemporary Villa Design UAE is characterized by its original and exquisite design. The interiors of the bright rooms with a great interior scene meet the expectations of the most discerning guests, who appreciate the unparalleled level of luxury and comfort.

Beauty and Confidence

The luxury interior design from the architectural and design company Luxury Antonovich Design is a real beauty and confidence in the future! Admiration every day! The designers of the studio have played with textures, colors, materials to get a charming, and stylish interior. The modern design villa in the United Arab Emirates was built on the emphasis of lines and shapes, free space, the importance of each element. It is an elegant and harmonious modern design. The coloristic restraint emphasizes an elegant simplicity of the clear shapes and straight lines. At the same time, there is such colors in the interior design as  "dark chocolate" and "cyan". - The use of spotlights and creative chandeliers is very efficient for the lighting design.

Marble for Luxury

The business card of the villain the United Arab Emirates is a smooth polished marble floor. Such floor covering says a lot about the taste preferences of homeowners and serves as a real landmark of the building. Striving for a perfection of forms is one of the important characteristics of the modern style. The furniture made with refined taste and underlines the interior respectability. The quality of fabrics gives nobility and elegance to the house. The modern interior design in UAE will be the sight of not one generation, a source of happiness and overt pride.

Modern and Rich Style

Or on the other hand, do you consider having rich and modern rooms? All things considered, Luxury Antonovich Design with its incredible and adaptable inside planners know how to play with extravagance, tastefulness, and refinement. Working in blue can be at times dubious. It might look dull when exaggerated or it may look jumbled when not appropriately arranged. In Luxury Antonovich Design, we ace in shading palettes! In the photograph beneath the front room, you will see how we impeccably and carefully planned the space to give the perfect feel to the stunning family. 

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