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Modern villa Al Ain

Modern Villa in Al Ain is the creation of unique beauty and grandeur that delight all around. A soft original pouffe in the center of the hall is the axis of the splendor of luxury mansion. You can see interweaving of the classic style with a hint of Art Deco in the interior of the house. A beautiful marble floor plays one of the major role, as it is the first thing at the entrance to the house that draws our attention. A natural stone always gives a special atmosphere to the room, shows the high and refined style of the house owners. The real professionals, when creating the object, have paid much attention to lighting. Gorgeous crystal lights play of the design decisions have played an important role. Thanks to this solution, the interior of the house is filled with light. The ceiling was made in the best traditions of Luxury Antonovich Design, decorated with stucco decoration and the circular inset with illumination. An interweaving of motifs of windows decoration and wall decor with volume 3d panels is a perfect author solution. The combination of high-quality velvet, natural silk and precious wood gives aristocracy and nobility to the interior. Design of modern villa in Al Ain was a reflection of the high artistic taste of the real masters. The ideal space of comfort and luxury is pleasing to the eye and fills every detail of the décor with the harmony. This design perfectly describes the inner world of the house owners.An architectural and design company Luxury Antonovich Design creates magnificent masterpieces that have become a precious remarkable sight of the city.

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