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Arabian Rancho Dubai

Interior design, as an art, of the studio Luxury Antonovich Design, is creating unique masterpieces of luxury and comfort in a variety of styles. The interior of this luxury villa in the style of modern classics.Each room in the house has acquired its own special character while remaining as a single entity in the overall design concept of the house.The living room is dominated a monochrome range of beige and chocolate colors. A large number of soft sofas says that the house has a cheerful and friendly atmosphere. The silk curtains in the living room, shade of milk chocolate became a cozy addition.Extravagant wall decor blends with the flooring design.The living room is extended to the spacious dining room, which confirms the kindness and hospitality of the owners of the house.Overall, in pastel shades very bright and juicy looks 18 soft seats upholstered in velvet blue hue. No less luxurious and modern look has the kitchen with a dining area.For this part of the space house, designers proposed style of minimalism.Fine materials and the perfect organization of the space give the kitchen a very nice and respectable look.At the same time, the interior is very comfortable and ergonomic.A spiral staircase with graceful curves connects the two floors of the house.Each of marble steps is highlighted. In order to visually enlarge the space of staircase portal designers used in the decoration of the walls mirrored panels with bevel. In these panels reflected wonderfully a beautiful chandelier in art deco style.Soft decor panels of leather, solid lacquered wood, and vertical greening on walls filling the interior with particularly cozy and warm mood.

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