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Modern Classic Villa Interior

Fantastic villa designs from Luxury Antonovich Design are in oriental style with light accents of classic motifs and charming Moroccan style. Beautiful villa design has a very bright and festive look. In such a way the interior designers have harmoniously reflected the happy and active characters of the homeowners. First of all, a living room interior impresses with its elegant look. Bright and juicy blue colors in upholstery set the tone for the interior. The project authors used these motives in the decoration of the floor and ceiling. The floor is made of natural marble, complemented by exquisite blue patterns. A niche in the ceiling is decorated with blue backlight. To soften the bright colors, in the walls decoration, creamy shades dominate. A soft wall panel creates a feeling of warmth of home comfort. The living room is a continuation of a modern hall with a lift. To make amazing villa designs even more luxurious, the interior designers have added accents of gilding in the decoration. These festive and elegant motives continue in bedrooms too. Master bedroom is made in the finest traditions of the Moroccan style with typical carvings. Two additional bedrooms have very luxurious and elegant looks. Each room in classic villa design has a bright and unique style. This underlines the fact that every member of the family is a bright personality. The interior designers use the same motives of the design concept in bathrooms, as well as in a comfortable and functional dressing room.


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