Luxurious Villa Design in Cambodia

The luxurious interior of the house as the embodiment of cordiality, hospitality, and warmth of home coziness was created by the designers of the studio Luxury Antonovich Design. Some restrained character of the house owner and at the same time a hospitable nature are very accurately and harmoniously reflected in the interior. In the living room, the restraint is aristocratic gloss based on the use of noble materials in decor. The premises is notable for its versatility. This is facilitated by the ceiling decoration with three-dimensional niches of different width and depth, which are highlighted by soft lines of illumination. The warm grayish shade of the walls fills the interior with a sense of calm and relaxation.For the decoration of the floors in the living room, an elite parquet from a valuable wood was used. And if the living room is an example of restraint and tranquility, then the interior of a large dining room is simply the embodiment of an aristocratic celebration. Here everything says that the house is always welcome guests and ready to provide the very best. A large table made of natural wood and soft chairs with noble bearing is upholstered in noble velvet in blue tones are designed to welcome guests in the number of twenty people. Two symmetrically located crystal chandeliers look wonderful against the snow-white ceiling and fill the space with elegant highlights. In the decor of the walls, is interestingly combined elite silk wallpapers and author's decor from the designers of the studio Luxury Antonovich Design. A natural carpet in the center of the dining room with a pattern of natural stone veins became like the continuation of marble floors. The windows are curtained with curtains in pastel blue tones. In every room of the elite house, there is something special, something of its own. And at the same time, they are united by luxurious nobility and original character.

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