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Villa in Meydan city Dubai

Oriental coloring in interiors Katrina Antonovich has a special charm and romantic mood.

House interior design pictures reflect how the blend of modern and Moroccan styles can acquire very impressive and unique image. On the ground floor, there is a spacious living room and dining area. prevails A vivid and memorable aspects in the interior became a reiteration of traditional patterns carved into Moroccan style in the decoration of furniture, as well as in the decoration of the walls and ceiling.

This snow-white lace patterns filling the atmosphere of the house with a gentle charm. The curtains in the interior, despite its unpretentiousness, became quite a bright accent.Solid blue colored silk has very bright and juicy looks on the background of snow-white patterns. Elegantly forged the chandelier defines the center of a cozy living room. Natural carpet with geometric designs trimmed with gold fringe. To animate the space at home and complementing the mood of the natural warmth, Luxury Antonovich Design studio Interior designer decorated interior with hanging green plants.

Additional relax area with sofas and a coffee table is provided according to plan for house near the large panoramic window. plans for houses by Katrina Antonovich always take into consideration the family tradition and cultural traditions of the region. In home architecture thought out all the moments in order to the house was comfortable, cozy and functional. The design of the villa reflects how modern technology harmoniously fit into the interior today.

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