The luxury of the royal palaces of Italy, France, St. Petersburg in the spirit of baroque, rococo and classics leaves an unforgettable impression and fills the mind with a touch of eternal beauty. Modern aristocrats are also increasingly stopping their searches and choose this particular design of the house. This country residence designers and architects of the studio Luxury Antonovich Design have designed in the best traditions of palace luxury with a royal scope. The head designer of the studio Katrina Antonovich has an incredibly subtle sense of taste and inner elegance. Her projects always have noble accents and subtle refinement. Sets the general mood of the house interior, undoubtedly, a luxurious hall. Its large area and sufficient ceiling height opened up a large space for creativity for interior designers. Here everything is interconnected and forms an integral and artistic expressive image. The central axis of the hall space is the floor and ceiling decor. And already this beautiful interior story develops from it. A beautiful carved pattern of marble with motifs of heraldry and classic characters mirrors the ceiling decor. The ceiling is decorated with a large medallion with magnificent stucco decoration and edging from a luxurious stained-glass window with illumination. Visually, these two incredibly beautiful decor elements are connected by a large chandelier with large crystal pendants. This composition seems to be embraced by a large staircase with two portals. The stair steps of white marble look wonderful in the edging of a forged balustrade with gilding. Such a solemn beginning in the interior sets the right tone and creates the right first impression of the house. required interior designer, residential architect, residential architectural plans, residential house plans, residential interior designer

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