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Woman Wardrobe Design

The design of the dressing room becomes an excellent way to create the most comfortable space for storing clothes, shoes, and accessories. In this project, this room has the shape of a rectangle. The advantage becomes the presence of a window and a quite large area of a dressing room. As this wardrobe belongs to the female owner of the house, interior designers suggested taking as a basis snow-white shades.And for the window, the curtains of velvet of a dark purple shade marvelously suited.Ottoman at the nice window is upholstered in the same velvet. The dressing room interior design is always the use of new storage systems and modern ways of lighting.Designers of Antonovich Design Studio create interiors in which is always as convenient as possible to store a wardrobe and to choose an outfit for one or another day. The design of the dressing room turned out very bright and slightly glamorous. To visually expand the space, the authors of the project proposed to decorate the ceiling with a large niche with backlighting around the perimeter.The geometric pattern on the niche perfectly matches the carpet pattern on the floor. The design of the dressing room is a stylish interior for a stylish woman.

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