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Stylish wardrobe


Do you dream of a large and roomy wardrobe? Or do you want a separate dressing room with a large mirror and lighting? Then Luxury Antonovich Design will gladly help you with this! The design of the dressing room should be not only functional, but also attractive. Good results can be achieved with a variety of storage systems. In the absence of the possibility to allocate a separate space, the dressing room can be placed in the bedroom. If the house has the opportunity to equip a separate dressing room, be sure to use it. Particularly convenient is the location of this room between the bedroom and the bathroom.

Properly organize a dressing room is one of the important tasks that architects and designers of Luxury Antonovich Design Company decide in the process of developing an interior design. After all, the freer the space looks, the less things that are necessary for everyday life remain in sight, the more integral the impression is the result — regardless of the chosen style.


The classic dressing room from the furniture factory of Luxury Antonovich Design gives a complete picture of what should be the ideal room for storing clothes. Everything in it is extremely functional, stylish and provides places for things of different dimensions. The classic color in the decoration and carved details on the facades of the storage systems remind one of the classic style.

A bright and elegant dressing room from the new collection by Luxury Antonovich Design Company perfectly combines elements of classic and art deco style. The cream-colored lacquer finish is complemented by decorative inserts that emphasize the geometry of the central shelves, as well as light mother-of-pearl on carved details. Silver knobs on the doors and drawers are used as accent decorations. Wardrobe from Luxury Antonovich Design will be able to adapt to the space of any size. Its modular system allows you to create an impressive dressing room and equip a small niche in the bedroom. And sliding doors will hide the contents of the shelves from prying eyes. Such built-in wardrobes are made to the size of a given space, it is possible to equip them with glass doors.

Dressing rooms produced by the best furniture factory of Luxury Antonovich Design are a combination of amazing comfort and sophisticated style. Owners of such stylish home furniture get real pleasure from the contemplation of this unique designer furniture and always know for sure that their clothes, shoes and accessories are in perfect order.

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