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Luxury Wardrobe design

The design of a dressing room has become a significant part of the project of the luxury home. For this a room, it has been allocated a sufficiently large premise with two windows on the second floor. Interior designers organized a space perfectly, in such a way that there not only convenient to store things, shoes and accessories, but it is comfortable to choose your daily outfit. The advantage of the interior become two windows, through which the room gets a sufficient amount of natural light. For decoration of the windows in the dressing room, we proposed charming roman blinds made of natural silk soft pink hue. Herringbone parquet has become an ideal solution. After all, here choosing shoes, and often have to walk barefoot when choosing clothes.A special mood in the interior given by a beautiful and ergonomic furniture.Cabinets made of wood, painted in a pleasant shade of green and inlaid with an exquisitely carved decor. A set of open shelves and glass showcases are designed to facilitate the choice of clothing. Additional lighting of shelves also serves this purpose.


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