The interior house paint design of dressing rooms has long been highlighted as a special line in the interior design art. This is due to the special purpose of the room and the special requirements for the organization of the room space. Often, in a rather small room, it should be possible to comfortably accommodate a sufficiently large number of clothes, shoes, and accessories. In every the home paint design of a dressing room, we offer only a unique idea for the room decoration and use the latest storage systems and methods of lighting.In this project, there is a window in the dressing room.Due to the penetration of natural light, you can use the luxury furniture of natural wood valuable species in simple house design. Lacquered furniture facades decorated with beautiful pilasters and equipped with many of open shelves with lighting. A significant part of the 3d interior design was the design of curtains. In the design of the window, the top designers in Nigeria of Antonovich Design offered a combined version. This is modern classic blinds and curtains of precious silk.




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