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Elegant design wardrobe

The portfolio of the architect-designer will be complete and versatile if it reflects all the nuances of each project.Working on the creation interiors for the elite real estate, interior designers of the studio Luxury Antonovich Design carefully study and think through every detail to create for their customers an ideal living environment. Designer interior ideas combine traditions and technologies. In such space of the house as a dressing room, the ideal ergonomics and functionality are put in the forefront.To do this, we apply new ways of lighting the newest storage systems and only elite finishing materials. Designer tricks for the interior of the dressing room have become the real highlight of this project. A striking accent is a chandelier in a futuristic style. For the decoration of a small window, we offered laconic curtains made of one-color silver-blue silk. The design project of the dressing room was based on the overall design concept of the house in the style of modern classics. The floor is decorated with an elite parquet of light wood.The furniture is dominated by open shelves with lighting for a comfortable selection of clothes. For storing small accessories, an insular showcase is provided in the center of the room. Design in a private house takes into account all the habits and lifestyle of its owners.

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