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Customized wardrobe design


Wardrobe rooms confidently replace bulky closets. If you carefully and in advance consider the design and layout, the dressing room will become the keeper of order in residential areas. Convenient, beautiful and functional storage systems from Luxury Antonovich Design are of particular importance today. Numerous collections of designer clothes and shoes, souvenirs brought from travel, stylish dishes, rare books — every household item requires a careful attitude to oneself and one's own place in the house. Furniture for elite wardrobe rooms, wardrobes, showcases and dressers designed in Luxury Antonovich Design creatively solve the problem of placing and storing things. They help to maintain order with minimal effort and time, and in themselves serve as interesting accents of interior design. Any colors and finishes — the joinery workshop of Luxury Antonovich Design is ready to realize any ideas under your supervision.

From design to installation, we take care of everything. Unlike other solutions, with wardrobe systems by Luxury Antonovich Design you can easily add and move baskets, shelves and other items as your needs change. Such quality, assortment, as well as the possibility of a wardrobe storage system, you will find nowhere else. Dressing room by Luxury Antonovich Design — is not only a great finish, luxurious appearance, but also the maximum reasonableness to the smallest detail and comfort. Built-in mechanisms will give extra pleasure from using the dressing room.


The various corners of the wardrobe room from Luxury Antonovich Design are carefully thought out in all details, with a variety of solutions and special electronic mechanisms, such as conveyors for moving clothes, rotating flaps for dividing zones, compartments for belts, neck scarves, bags and elegant drawers that complete multifunctionality, hiding a lot of interesting discoveries.

Uniqueness and practicality are the keywords that describe dressing rooms created by Luxury Antonovich Design. They are a combination of practicality, functionality and elegance. The structure of the wood massif, covered with mother-of-pearl varnish with a special finish is striking in its beauty. Glass profiles emphasize multifunctional niches and shelves designed for maximum comfort. Electrically controlled mechanisms are specifically designed for your convenience. Specially designed sliding entrance doors, equipped with a modern mechanism that is visible, support tempered extra-clear transparent glass.

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