The interior design of the dressing room in the elite house has become a very interesting project. A fairly large room in the building was allocated for the design of the dressing room.That opened up scope for creativity for the interior designers. To ensure proper lighting, the authors of the project proposed to decorate the ceiling with modern lighting fixtures.In general, the design of the dressing room is made in the style of minimalism. The premise is organized as comfortably and functionally as possible.The windows were decorated with modern Roman curtains and blinds. For comfort near the window is a sofa with soft pillows. For convenient storage of accessories, a small insular construction is provided.The bright palette of hues visually expands the space, as well as glossy facades of furniture. In the design of furniture, open shelves with illumination predominate. Thus, the choice of clothes is much simplified.After all, you can visually cover the entire dressing room with a glance. The highlight of the design of the dressing room project become a small work area.This is a great place to relax and think about your ideas. Such a wish of the owners of the house found its perfect embodiment in the dressing room design.

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