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Wall Panels — Looking For Top Trending Home Interior Design


For those who are going to update the interior of their apartment, house or office, information about which fit-out material to choose for the walls will be useful. In addition to the standard options (wallpaper and simple putty), there is an interesting and rather bold solution — wall panels. They have long become a part of office and public premises, now they have been zealously used as a lining material for walls in residential buildings (private houses, villas, apartments). They, like wallpapers, differ in:

— size;

— form;

— material;

— method of attachment;

— performed functions.

Katrina Antonovich - Creator Of Modern Wall Panels Collection

Luxury Antonovich Design created a line of wall panels made of precious wood, as well as its derivatives, gypsum, stone, fabrics, because thousands of our customers were looking forward to it. This collection of engineering solutions from exotic woods, and other finishing materials, created for people with special taste. For those who want to surround themselves with something chic and non-standard.


The collection of wall panels presented in our showroom is a challenge to the dominance of the usual patterned solutions in decorating homes and offices. Now you can travel around the world without leaving the room. Your home will receive status, bright and very rare outfits. We have included collections in the assortment that will please you with quality and price and will become the embodiment of a competent accent solution in the interior.

Due to the variety of decors and technical characteristics, wall panels will perfectly fit into a variety of rooms — home interior, office, conference room, hotel apartments or restaurant. Wall panels by Luxury Antonovich Design will bring into the interior a feeling of lightness, visual balance and exquisitely emphasize the individuality of your room. Wall panels manufactured at our factory look beautiful, and last a long time!

Decorative wall panels are very interesting material to create an individual and unique style of your home. We have them presented completely different in composition and in appearance. With all this, their main function of a decorative element, they perform perfectly. Wall panels in interior is a great way to decorate walls, drastically change the design of the room.

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