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Upholstered Fabric Headboards Design


The bed is the main and central piece of furniture in any bedroom, so we are serious and responsible when choosing a bed and bedding. Our designers of Luxury Antonovich Design Company always create modern, stylish and innovative models of beds, so there is a big variety of furnishings for beautiful bedroom interior. Most of them not only fulfill the main purpose of providing a person with a comfortable sleep, but at the same time they help to decorate the interior, creating originality and a certain style.

Katrina Antonovich

A fabric upholstered bed always looks elegant. Whatever design you choose, for us the most important thing is the environmental friendliness of materials, tactile sensations and harmony of shades. Among the different options for decorating the bed, the most popular is the soft headboard for the bed, which, due to its design, gives the bed a special comfort, softens sharp corners, adjusts to a comfortable rest. These stunning beds with a high headboard from Luxury Antonovich Design deserve special mention. A bed with a high soft headboard will instantly give the bedroom interior a luxury effect.


The most popular is the headboard that we make in the technique of carriages screed. The capitone screed is a luxurious technology for upholstered furniture from Luxury Antonovich Design. The headboard is upholstered according to the principles of a unique technology and belong to the luxury class. They amaze not only with external magnificence, but also with incredible comfort. To create these incredibly beautiful headboards, we use only expensive, rich material that looks good with numerous folds — velvet, leather, suede or velour. The screed pattern itself can be manufactured in the form of squares or rhombuses; buttons covered with the same fabric, beads or crystals (in color or in contrast) can be used as rivets. The headboard is not always a monolithic whole with a bed. It can be attached to the wall panel, corresponding to the width of the bed.

A lush headboard fit-out creates a bold and charming effect at the same time, while very elegantly contrasting with the simple thin base of the bed. A very stylish and practical solution for the bedroom is a bed with a soft headboard and a body made of wood. The headboard of a custom-made bed from Luxury Antonovich Design is the smartest, and most importantly, effective method to decorate your bed. The headboard is its basis, the main element to which our designers pay much attention. The head of the bed is responsible for the beauty and style, as well as the feeling of comfort.

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