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Unusual Lithing And Chandeliers Design


Modern classical interiors differ from traditional classics by the lack of pomp. There is not a lot of wood, gilding, expensive fabrics and curved lines. At the same time, this design is full of chic due to the correctly chosen color range and luxurious details. A luxurious chandelier from Luxury Antonovich Design is always an interior decoration, often becoming the main accent, eye-catching detail. That is why designers love them so much in their work.

Katrina Antonovich - Lighting Designer

Chandeliers in the interior occupy a very important place. This seemingly simple detail can transform the space by arranging the right accents and using directional light beams. Despite the emergence of new contemporary interior styles, classic elements still do not lose their popularity. A well-chosen pendant chandelier by Luxury Antonovich Design will look stylish and modern for many years. And although fashion trends, of course, will change, your guests and you will certainly again and again admire the beauty and elegance of such a chandelier. Suspended chandeliers are the perfect solution for most modern styles. Hanging chandeliers from Luxury Antonovich Design is a lighting element of the interior, hanging from the ceiling on a decorative wire, a chain or braided cord. They deserve individual attention, as it has a pronounced feature — it is a suspension, a peculiar type of lighting devices, which has an original design and form.


Suspended LED chandeliers from Luxury Antonovich Design come in different shapes from different materials. It is noticed that a good ensemble will turn out in a combination of suspensions with stylish ceiling chandeliers. Elegance and grace these are a couple of epithets with which chandeliers hangings are endowed. LED lamps and chandeliers are the means of lighting, without which it is difficult to imagine any modern energy-efficient home. With them you can not only create high-quality lighting of the premises, but also effectively complement the interior of the house by combining modern trends with classics. The light source in LED lamps and chandeliers are LEDs — special semiconductor devices that emit light under the influence of direct current.

LED lighting by Luxury Antonovich Design are widely used to create basic, local or decorative lighting of residential premises, offices, commercial and industrial buildings. The original and stylish design of these products allows you to qualitatively diversify the interior space, making it unique and perfect.


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