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Top Interior Fit-Out Company with Innovative Solutions


The use of modern high technology is a prerequisite for the development of a professional design company. We keep up to date and follow the latest innovations in the field of interior design and fit-out and reconstruction of houses.

Top Interior Fit-Out Company with Innovative Solutions

Innovative IT solutions can be used in fit-out, proves the Dubai-based company Luxury Antonovich Design. Ease of pricing, online control of builders, time savings and legally issued warranty for fit-out — so far, there are not so many such proposals in the field of interior design.

A significant role in the successful apartment fit-out is played by the technologies that are used during its implementation, as well as the skill of the craftsmen to use such technological solutions in practice. Our Luxury Antonovich Design interior experts are constantly improving their skills, trying to follow the most current trends in fit-out work, as well as use innovative building materials that can negate the possible risks encountered, for example, when arranging premises in new buildings.

Top Interior Fit-Out Company with Innovative Solutions


The ongoing process of learning new things and studying the technological process allows us to adopt new experience both in the organization of work and in the selection of materials for fit-out. We consider any repair not as a set of separate stages, independent of each other, but as a single complex of technological solutions, which, when implemented together, should create optimal conditions for living in the premises of our customers.

Top Interior Fit-Out Company with Innovative Solutions

Currently, there are no building rules in the area of interior decoration that would necessarily determine the content of such work and the maximum permissible deviations. We initially thought about positioning the company, therefore the development of competitive advantages formed the basis of the company's strategy.

The advantages for the client are:

  • Finished products. No need to run around shops and exhibitions. The client sees ready-made sets of finishing materials and equipment to clearly present the result of future interior fit-out.
  • Single price and final cost. The price is calculated for each product, and by one arithmetic operation it is easy to calculate the final cost of fit-out. No hidden work, services, extra charges for delivery.
  • Short time. The term of 30-40 days is unique for the construction services market. Many competitors say this is not possible. We affirm that the most valuable is the time of our customers. Such bold and, at first glance, unrealistic deadlines is an alloy of construction technologies and project management technologies.
  • Guarantees. Luxury Antonovich Design provides a legally confirmed warranty for interior fit-out as an integral product.

Top Interior Fit-Out Company with Innovative Solutions

If you want to learn more about innovative solutions in the interior, just contact us. Our experts will advise you and help you create an individual solution for your living space.

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