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Interior Fit-Out Specialists Dubai


The services of masters in interior fit-out of apartments, houses and offices in Dubai are a great opportunity to realize all your plans! Our Luxury Antonovich Design experts implement any design ideas and provide guarantees for the work and services provided. They have vast experience in the field of interior fit-out arrangement of premises. To achieve the best result, our specialists introduce innovative technologies. They are laid out to the maximum, so the quality of all the fit-out works meet high standards!

Katrina Antonovich

Luxury Antonovich Design masters are leading professional interior fit-out specialists. They have impressive experience in implementing complex fit-out projects. Therefore, excellent results are always provided. By them is meant interior fit-out in accordance with the standards and in compliance with the characteristics of technological processes. Our craftsmen provide comprehensive services, which include surface fit-out, plumbing fixtures, wiring, tile laying, etc. All tasks are performed efficiently and with maximum responsibility.

Interior Fit-Out Specialists Dubai

Interior fit-out work is divided into several stages. After completing a certain stage, the client evaluates the quality of the task. In all cases, the services of apartment fit-out masters meet strict criteria. Therefore, all our customers are satisfied with remarkable results. There can be no complaints about our finishing specialists. At the final stage of cooperation with our company, an act of acceptance of the object is signed. After that, the final calculation is carried out.


The list of works on interior fit-out and decoration includes:

  • fit-out and decoration of a bathroom, hallway, kitchen, bedrooms and other premises on a turn-key basis;
  • removal of old coatings and preparation (leveling) of surfaces — plaster, putty, primer;
  • ceiling fit-out and decoration, as well as manufacture of two-level ceilings, painting, ceiling whitewash;
  • fit-out and decoration of walls, as well as gluing walls with reinforcing tape, waterproofing walls, pasting walls with wallpaper, applying liquid wallpaper, painting wallpaper;
  • manufacturing of two-level ceilings;
  • fit-out, replacement and installation of windows, painting of windows;
  • fit-out, replacement and installation of doors, door painting;
  • warming and glazing of balcony;
  • laying of flooring: parquet, parquet board, etc.;
  • laying tiles in bathroom, kitchen, hallways and other rooms;
  • electric installation work;
  • plumbing work;
  • elimination of flaws or imperfections of the previous repair;
  • delivery of building materials;
  • cleaning.

Interior Fit-Out Specialists Dubai

The use of modern primers, putties, plasters, paints, varnishes, as well as new technologies in combination with the high skill of specialists in interior fit-out of premises allows Luxury Antonovich Design to achieve excellent results in performing both simple and super complex repairs.

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